This page is for students who are considering having their bachelor's or master's thesis supervised by me. I can be the primary supervisor at the FU Berlin and the secondary supervisor at the University of Greifswald, although I will prefer FU Berlin students when I get more than one application per topic. If you are interested, contact me!

I am adding new topics constantly. Check this page regularly to stay up to date in this regard!

<aside> ℹ️ My topics are at the intersection of clinical psychology and quantitative methods. They generally require some proficiency with the R programming language and the willingness to engage with statistical methods that were not necessarily part of your curriculum. In return, you will get access to exciting projects by leading researchers in clinical psychology and psychotherapy.



Master’s Theses

Symptom-level patterns of change during treatment of complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ad de Jongh, Psychotrauma Expertise Center, Bilthoven, Netherlands

Type: Secondary Data Analysis

<aside> ⛔ This topic has been assigned and is not available anymore.


Short description: The goal of this study is to determine whether patients suffering from the following diagnosis: posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), complex PTSD, dissociative subtype of PTSD. All patients receive an intensive treatment based on eye movement desensitisazion and reprocessing (EMDR), prolonged exposure and physical activity. In your thesis, you will use a large dataset of patients who received this treatment and reported on their symptoms several times. The goal to use dynamic exploratory graph analysis (dynEGA) to identify distinct patterns of change in the three diagnostic subgroups.

Using structure learning to identify the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health in parents and children.

Cooperation with Dr. Anja Feneberg, University of Münster

Type: secondary data analysis (data from cooperation partner)

Short description: Many studies have tested the association of COVID-19-related events (lockdowns, infections, etc.). However, less is known about interactions between the mental health of parents and children. In this thesis, you will use a data set with several mental health indicators of both parents and children, as well as data on pandemic-related events. The associations are modeled using Bayesian networks, which is a method to learn admissible causal effects in cross-sectional data sets.

The evidential value of long-term vs. short-term psychotherapies

Type: secondary data analysis (publicly available data)

<aside> ⛔ This topic has been assigned and is not available anymore.


<aside> ℹ️ This thesis does not require as much proficiency with R as the other topics!